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Password Memory is an efficient tool for saving and organizing passwords in a secure manner by encrypting the passwords. The passwords are stored in an encrypted database and users can specify the categories in which the passwords are to be saved. The application also allows usernames and passwords to be copied to clipboards.


Password Memory is a useful tool for securely saving passwords in encrypted database by allowing users to organise passwords in the database in several different categories. The categories can be customised according to the classifications specified by the users and can be added various details such as name, type, dates and other important information.

The application can be used to search for usernames and passwords based on keyword searches and the usernames and passwords can be copied to the clipboard. This allows users to easily and conveniently enter passwords in the required login fields without having to type the details. It also helps the users by not requiring them to remember complicated usernames and passwords for each of their logins. Since the passwords are stored in encrypted database, the passwords remain secure despite the application remembering them and automatically populating the required fields.

The application enables users to synchronisation of passwords through FTP servers. The application includes an inbuilt password generator so that users can easily generate complicated passwords, which are difficult to crack and store these passwords in the encrypted database of the application. The program can be used to export the passwords to HTML, CSV, Text and XML formats. Password Memory can be installed on the computer as well as USB devices, which makes the application as well as the passwords portable. The program uses low amount of system resources and therefore the processor as well as the memory of the computer is not severely affected. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


KeyPass is an application similar to Password Memory. The application stores passwords securely in an encrypted database which has a master password. Similarly, users can use a key file instead of the master password to protect the database from unauthorised access. The program is portable and can be carried on external devices. KeyPass efficiently protects the passwords from dictionary as well as brute force attacks.


Password Memory is a useful application for safe keeping of the various usernames and passwords by storing them in an encrypted database. The application supports categorisation of the passwords for easy access. The passwords and the usernames can be copied to the clipboard for easily entering them in the required fields. Password Memory can be installed on computers as well as portable USB devices. Passwords can be exported to various file formats and can be synchronised with FTP.


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