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Passware Kit Basic Demo is a useful suite of applications, which recovers passwords of several applications as well as Windows operating systems. The application decrypts the passwords, which protect the documents or applications and allow users to retrieve the passwords with ease.


Passware Kit Basic Demo is an easy and simple to use application suite which consists of programs which help users recover the passwords for several types of documents, applications and Windows operating system. It helps users recover the passwords for Microsoft Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote, Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and ICQ.

The recovery of the passwords is a simple process and can be done easily. However, there might be instances where users might not be able to retrieve the passwords through the basic process. In such cases, the application supports 6 different types of attacks, which include Dictionary, Brute Force, Xieve and other similar types of attacks. The application is also capable of resetting the Administrator Passwords for Windows. The Demo version however can recover only the first two characters of any password and there are other more comprehensive versions available for recovering more complicated passwords. Since the program is a password recovery program and uses methods which query the registry of the system to recover passwords, several anti-Virus programs might consider it to be a virus or malware, though the application is safe to use and causes no harm to the system.

The program has an intuitive interface and allows even new users to easily operate it. It does not require much of system resources and hence does not hamper the performance of the system. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Advanced Office Password Recovery is an application similar to Passware Kit Basic Demo. The application is efficiently useful for recovering passwords of protected documents such as documents and email folders. The program supports recovery of passwords of MS Office, Open Office and Hangul Office formats and can also recover passwords of Internet Explorer Content Advisor Password. The application also allows users to retrieve passwords of VBA projects.


Passware Kit Basic Demo is an efficient and useful application for recovery of passwords for various MS Office and Windows tools. The application is useful for easy retrieval of passwords and can be used even by new users with ease. In case if a user is unable to retrieve a password with the normal procedure, the application has 6 different attack methods incorporated to retrieve the passwords.


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