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Sound recording and managing sound techniques in order to check out user’s speaker, sound card as well as microphone is a handy task. For this user is always depended on a helpful application. PassMark SoundCheck is that useful application which allows user to manage their audio parameters and enables users to change according to their preferences. This application also has a tone generator and waveform adjuster to add various waveforms like square waves, sine waves or saw tooth waves. This application comes with user friendly GUI and easy operating mechanism, which make it easy to use.


Recording sound files and adjusting various functions related to is an important task. Nothing would be as advantageous as for the user if they have an application for performing these tasks. PassMark SoundCheck is an application that makes user favorable to actuate and test sound files on various parameters. This application enables user to record sound files in two different modes i.e. mono sound recording mode and stereo sound recording mode. Also user can pause, play, as well as export sound files to other drives defining the format of the file i.e. WAV or others. One of the important features of this application is that it helps user to resolve various problems attached with user’s audio device i.e. any distortion in the device affecting the sound quality or not. Also, PassMark SoundCheck allows user to check some of the other factors of sound files like sampling rate, bits per files and many more. Another important feature of this application is that it is available with an in-built tone generator, providing user to generate test tones just by selecting its amplitude, frequency and WAV shape. With the help of this excellent feature PassMark SoundCheck allows user to find out any disturbance in the files and rectify them easily. On the startup user will find multiple panel window providing them full support to perform several tweaks on the files. PassMark SoundCheck has a friendly graphical user interface allowing all of them to operate the application easily without any problem. PassMark SoundCheck is a light weighted application which enables user to use other application is parallel.


Some of the alternatives of PassMark SoundCheck are ASIO4ALL and RealTek Audio HD Player. But the section of features available with the application gives it best priority over other alternative application of its kind. Some of those exciting features are automatic sound recording with play and pause facility, in-built tone generator for adjusting various sectors of sound.


PassMark SoundCheck is a useful application having all possibilities to track sound files on every aspect as well as resolve various problem related to these files like distortion of noise. Easy operating mechanism, user-friendly interface make it a well owned application for all the users.


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