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Paragon Partition Manager is the best tool available to managing partitions on your hard drive. It provides flawless partitioning operations of all kinds, which includes functions like resizing, merging, splitting partitions and also free space redistribution. The tool also helps to start a new hard drive and convert to other file systems. It can be used at home, office, from small business to big enterprises. This Innovative application ensures that customers have the safest and easiest hard disk management tools available.


This tool is completely user friendly and extremely strong engine for all partitioning tasks that works basically with all latest hard drive technologies. It helps to recover deleted or lost partitions. It also automatically does operations like creating, deleting, resizing or splitting partitions. It helps to resize a system volume on a very large disk. Another feature is that it helps to keep the most often used data and programs close to each other.

The tool raises overall computer performance where smaller files are more efficient. The partition list shows the partitions on each drive and their positions on its surface. Each disk is represented graphically on the disk map along with partitions and their usage. The main interface offers all the things that would be expected of a partition manager- creation and deletion of partitions, and also format and labelling of partitions. Also, using it, partitions adjacent on the same disk can be merged. The main Paragon Partition Manager Home screen top panel shows details of the partition that is currently selected. It also includes a pie chart of the usage. There are two shuttered panels that can be slide to show a partition list and a disk map. Extras in the program menu include simple backup, which enables to select files and folders and back them up to another partition. The boot manager helps to set drives up, which in turn helps to boot any of several operating systems. The tool also helps to add up free space on one partition just by using the unallocated or free space of other partitions.


Paragon Partition Manager has a unique and various features. It is safest and easiest Partition Manger available in the market as compared to Acronis Disk Director or Cute Partition Manager. The main advantage of Paragon partition manager is that it creates the most applicable partition on the hard disk, formats it to NTFS and makes it available to the system as compared to other tools.


Paragon Partition Manger combines Functions of various different applications into one. It is completely all in one package. This includes the facility of splitting an existing partition in two, without any need to restart the system and hence prevents data loss.


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