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Pale Moon is basically a web browser that promises an enhanced browsing experience at a faster pace for the users. It has been made available for most of the Firefox extensions. However, there are some features with Firefox those are kept silent with an aim to fasten the browsing and minimizing the resource usage called Accessibility and Parental Controls.


There are many efficient features those have been added in the package for presenting a smooth, protective, and enhanced browsing experience. You can deal with the internet through the private mode that spontaneously removes the whole path of the history upon terminating the present session.

Apart from this, the users can go with the full screen mode, remaining update about the history with all travelled sites, putting add-ons, altering the native search options, and chunk the popup bars.

  • Best interface

Being functional for initial time, this software allows user in bringing in Options, bookmarking, cookies, password and other relevant data from other web browsers. Basically, it works with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

It is having an excellent interface that matches the one picked by Firefox prior prime modifications introduced. It holds the equivalent parts and turns out to be a better option for the users those don’t feel it too smooth with the absolutely revamped interface applied by Firefox.

  • Customization

The users are having the option of keeping the Menu bar under seal or exposing it; similar usage with Navigation, Status option, or covering up the whole in order to have a clearer browsing. In addition, the users are having the option to add or take away the stuff. You can do the task by bringing them into or away from the toolbars.

The web browser is having the flexibility to deal with several tabs. You can mark your prefer options and modify the bar in accordance as well. The tool bar is available there in the User Interface just under the other toolbars. This is some thing that hasn’t been kept intact by Firefox.

  • Personalized

Most importantly, you can remove the fresh history, eradicate specific cookies with it. It lets the user with the option of dealing all opened tabs through out the device. It is a nice tool in terms of functioning with the download manager as well.

  • Performance

On a whole, the PaleMoon turns out to be a nice web browser that eradicates various unwanted stuff from Firefox for providing a faster browsing experience and provides a smooth and user-friendly interface. The best part is that it maintains the conventional designing separated from Firefox’s latest user interface.


Being a fresh addition it is in no way stays behind the other front runners. In fact it is a much better option in comparison with Internet Explorer, Sea Monkey, etc.


It is a fine option to experience faster and smoother browsing.


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