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Oxynger KeyShield is a virtual keyboard application which protects important data such as passwords and other key information from keylogger programs. The data remains inaccessible from unauthorized users and the sensitive information remains protected.


Oxynger KeyShield is a secure, anti-keylogging and anti-screenshot application that protects important information from malicious programs by using virtual keyboards. The data is protected from keystroke logging, mouse logging, screen logging and clipboard logging malwares, spywares, Trojan attacks and hacking programs. Sensitive information like bank account passwords, credit card details, email passwords and passwords of social networking websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be protected by using the virtual keyboard.

The program is available in install mode as well as portable versions. The portable version allows a user to access important information from public computers as well as multiple computers without the requirement of installing the software on individual computers. The software therefore protects key financial as well as personal information even while these are being accessed from public computers.

The application uses virtual keyboard which can be in the form of the standard QWERTY keyboard or a random keyboard interface. In random keyboard, a new keyboard interface is generated each time the application is accessed.

Oxynger KeyShield protects data from software based as well as hardware based keyloggers. The program provides protection from Hook based, Kernal/Driver based, API based and Hardware based keylogging tools. It also provides protection from screen logging programs which take the screenshots using the Window’s print screen function. The application also provides protection from video recording applications. Whenever a screen logger or video recording program tries to capture the data, the virtual keyboard of Oxynger KeyShield will appear like a blank black screen. The current version of Oxynger KeyShield supports Windows 8 and Windows 7.


Neo’s SafeKeys is an application similar to Oxynger KeyShield. The software protects important information from Keylogger programs and malwares. It is available in installation and portable modes. It incorporates the feature of hovering over the key to input the information. The time for hovering can be set between 0.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds, after which it is registered as a key stroke. The portable application can be used on multiple computers without the requirement of installing the program on individual computers.


Oxynger KeyShield is a highly effective application for protection of passwords and other key information. Through its keyboard interfaces, it supports random interface generation which increases the security level of the program. The application protects not just from keyloggers but also from screen loggers, mouse loggers and clipboard loggers. The portable version enables usage of the software from multiple computers without the need for a separate installation.


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