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It is often cumbersome to chat and communicate with different people on different social platforms. Being able to synchronize contacts, contact details and contact messages to a single account can be really helpful. Microsoft Outlook Express and Gmail are the most used platform for communications. Outlook4Gmail is an Outlook add-in that is used to synchronize all the contacts and specified details to Gmail with a few clicks. The challenge of being able to handle various calendars, profiles and accounts together has been accomplished by Outlook4Gmail.


The best part about this add-in is its bidirectional nature. That is, a user can opt to go for one way synchronization (from one account to other), or a two way synchronization (updates both accounts simultaneously). The transfer of contacts is completely user friendly. There is an option to transfer contacts from multiple Google accounts to Outlook, as per needs. Contacts can be updated with contact pictures, contact folders and Google groups. Transfer can be done with filters, so as to restrict transfer of unwanted or unreliable contacts. Scheduling is very important in day to day life. Outlook4Gmail add-in can allow users to merge multiple set of calendars to Outlook and keep up the records of repeating meetings/appointments too. The best part about the calendars is that the transfer is possible from multiple calendars in one single master calendar, to merge everything that might be of necessity. Some other common features that might be useful include automatic scheduling of updating and synchronization of data from the selected criteria. Recurring Outlook Data Files (xyz.pst) also find its sweet spot in the technologies supported by Outlook4Gmail. Large amounts of files and data can be synchronized periodically without any glitches, for best user experience.


When it comes down to handling and updating data of big guns like Google and Microsoft, a lot of precision and efficiency is expected out of the tools. Outlook4Gmail has been among the best add-ins for Outlook and Gmail combined. There have been some speculations about another tool called GO Contact Sync Mod, an open source used to update contacts in similar fashion. Features like calendar merging and two-way synchronization place Outlook4Gmail on a special position.


Outlook4Gmail is undoubtedly the best tool to synchronize Gmail and Outlook with maximum amount of relevant information transferred. The software is light and is quite user friendly. Contacts, profile pictures, contact details, Calendars, appointments, merging of multiple calendars, everything is possible with completely reliable Outlook4Gmail.


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