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Outlook Password Recovery Master is a useful application for recovering the passwords for Microsoft Outlook email accounts and the passwords for PST files or Microsoft Personal Folder Files. The application when started, displays the login account ids and passwords to the users.


Outlook Password Recovery Master is an efficient and easy to use application. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email applications and users generally have multiple email accounts configured in a single MS Outlook application. In several cases these emails have different passwords due to security concerns.

It is therefore quite possible, that the users might forget passwords of one or more accounts or that systems administrators wants the passwords for the email accounts configured in the MS Outlook. In such instances, an application like Outlook Password Recovery Master is highly effective as it allows users to recover these passwords. The application when started displays the login ids and passwords of different email accounts configured on the system. It also recovers passwords for MS Personal Folder Files or PST files. Therefore, if a user has forgotten the passwords or has lost the passwords, the application can recover and display the passwords.

Since the application is a password recovery application, its nature of application makes it vulnerable to be identified as a virus by the various antivirus applications. However, the program is completely secure and can be used to recover passwords for MS Outlook accounts in a safe manner. The program uses a simple and intuitive interface and can be easily operated even by new users. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Mail PassView is an application similar to Outlook Password Recovery Master. The application helps users recover passwords of several applications including MS Outlook. The application displays various details for each email account. These include account name, application name, email ids, server name and type such as POP3, SMTP, IMAP, user names and passwords. The application is simple to install and easy to use.


Outlook Password Recovery Master is an effective application for recovering MS Outlook email accounts passwords as well as MS Personal Folder Files (PST Files) passwords. It displays the login ids and passwords for the various email accounts configured on the system. The application is highly useful where users have lost their passwords and need to recover them or when the systems administrator wants to know the login details for the various users on the system.


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