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OtsAV DJ is basically an application that runs on Windows based PC and is used to perform media mixing and is a feature packed application. The OtsAV DJ is a professional level app that can be used to make complicated sound mixing and produce generic tracks and its feature are really impressive and all of them have a very unique implementation in churning up a proper track.


OtsAV DJ is one of those applications, which can fulfil almost all your expectations regarding intelligent media output software. Most applications of this type are used by professional DJs or sometimes by music composers and there is no limit to what can be added to the application’s features. Exceptional features like very high tech facility of mixing fades of a music track. They have implemented complete intelligence in designing this app and the system of fade mixing is completely automatic. It you are looking for a proper beat mixing app, this is the one. This application provide a very sophisticated platform to implement beat mixing.

Easy additional features like, looping of sound track and karaoke buttons that increases the effect and make the sound track better especially for karaoke systems and home theatres. Time-scaling is easy now with very high quality tempo deck sliders. Processors that can give a dynamic angle to the music are present in this app and this technology is called dynamic processor and is also embedded in this app. You can play multiple tracks on different decks at the same time and modulate them through the automated modulation features found in OstAV DJ.

Live scratching is one of the best features as this has got a new level of perfection. Live scratching is now a days available in many DJ software and apps. Now comes one of the best features, which is the ASIO driver support, which is a new level of low-latency support.


Other popular apps like DJ mix master has various features like, live scratching and all but as far as its karaoke feature is concerned, it does not go up to the level of OstAV DJ. Virtual DJ studio has seen more PCs than most other DJ apps. But the sophistication offered is not enough for a core professional. Most of those features that one searches for in these apps can be found in this OstAV DJ. Now, the features that are incorporated in the OstAV DJ have more professional objects than most apps of its genre. Professional DJs find these excellent pros to implement innovative mixing and develop some really awesome tracks for the market.


You can completely depend on this new PC software and it provides complete assistance for a rookie to an expert sound specialist and composer. Its features are really user friendly and you can run it on any Windows PC. You can implement multiple sound mixing tools at one time.


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