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OSForensics is an investigative tool that helps the user collates data on the recent activity on a computer. The software has a multitude of uses and can be used from everything to searching for specific emails from the archive to recovering deleted files. It is a powerful utility that presents the information in an organized interface that does not seem daunting to the average user.


The search within OSForensics is powered by the Zoom Search Engine by Wren soft. This is a highly optimized search engine with capabilities to go deeper into the hard drive than the standard Windows search tool. The search filters for a file, can include file name, size, creation and modified dates and various other attributes. The search engine works by indexing the files first, enabling faster searching for keywords within files. One of the most useful features is the Timeline view that can be used to view details of the files. It shows the data related to creation dates of searching for files in the form of a visual bar graph. This allows for a very quick view of the recent file history on the system.

This search engine supports a variety of file types such as: DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, MP3, ZIP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, MP3 and a whole lot more. The E-mail search is as detailed, allowing for searches based on attributes such as date, to, from and CC, BCC fields. A specific email itself can be viewed within the program without the need of opening the mail client, which need not even be installed on the system for email indexing and searching.

OSForensics allows the user to extract information related to the hardware that is running the system. This information includes number of CPUs, amount and type of RAM and connected storage devices, which is beign powered by Passmark’s SysInfo DLL. OSForensics, in true investigative style, allows the user to extract login usernames and passwords info on recent browsed websites from all of the common browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Saving the best for the last, this tool can also be used to search for ghost files within the hard drives. These are files that may have been deleted by the user permanently, but may yet be recovered. The resulting search page displays a quality count, which suggests a complete recovery of the file, the closer it is to the value of 100. This software also lets the user to search for and locate hidden areas on the hard drive that can otherwise be used to store illicit information.


Currently, the programs available for windows such as Paraben P2 commander or ILookIX offer only partial services such as either email indexing and searching or a search for within the hard drive. OSForensics is the complete package when it comes to digital forensic investigation on a system running Windows OS.


OSForensics is an amazing product that offers very advanced searching and locating features. The user interface is easy to use and possession of a full knowledge of the capabilities of the software will allow for an unparalleled foray into your computer’s memory.


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