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OSFMount is a useful application for mounting several VMWare and disk images as virtual drives which can be accessed through Windows Explorer. Users can specify the type of the drives to be mounted, which includes DVD ROM, CD ROM and Hard Disk Drives. The application allows access to most of the virtual disk image formats.


OSFMount is an efficient software which allows users to mount images of disks and VMWare disks. These can be accessed as virtual drives through Windows explorer. The type of disk to be mounted can be specified by users. The disk types include Hard Disk Drives, DVD ROM, CD ROM and even floppy disk. The application even allows specifying the drive letters.

The application can be used to create virtual RAM disks. RAM disks use the unused RAM space for creating virtual drives and can be used for storing data temporarily. Since the drives are created using RAM memory and the data is stored in these virtual drives and not on physical drives, the data writing speed is much faster and saves time. Once the drive is dismounted or the computer is shut down, the data is deleted. Users have the option to copy the data from these drives to their hard disks.

The program enables users to specify drive properties such as drive types, drive size, partition and drive letters, read only drives and other similar options. Users can also create images of disks from their virtual drives. The application supports most of the image formats which include ISO, BIN, IMG, VMDK, NRG, AFD, AFF, AFM, S01, E01 and split RAW formats.

The application has an intuitive interface and can be used easily even by new users. It does not require any kind of technical expertise to operate the software. The program also requires low system resources and does not adversely affect the performance of the computer despite creating virtual RAM space. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Virtual CloneDrive is an application similar to OSFMount. The application provides support for most of the commonly used disk image formats such as ISO, IMG, UDF, BIN, CCD and DVD among others. Users can simply double click on the image files to mount the drives. The application supports mounting of maximum15 virtual drives simultaneously.


OSFMount is an easy to use and operate software application which is highly efficient. It enables users to mount multiple virtual drives, assign properties to them and write and copy data from these drives. The program supports most of the image drive formats and users can create drive images from the virtual drives. The application can also be used to create virtual RAM drives which allow users to access data in a much faster and efficient manner.


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