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For someone who cannot imagine a day or few hours without music running in the background, OrangeCD player is the best media player that can be relied upon for seamless music from audio or mp3 CDs. OrangeCD Player is designed specifically to listen to audio CDs as convenient as it could be. The app boasts of a simple interface that is free of obscurities and has an elegant simple look, something that is amiss in most media players of today. The compact size and design is definitely a plus for a cramped desktop with several applications running at the same time.


OrangeCD player is dedicated to playing audio files form compact discs. Since the mp3 evolution has happened, there are not many media players that provide this option. The player is compatible with FreeDB protocol and integrates music using music catalog software. Each time the user plays a track the software tracks its album details like genre, artist, codec, bit rate, etc. from the online database and updates by default. Users can also choose from various playback modes that enable them to directly select tracks from CDs including the disc position which comes at a great advantage for music editors and DJ professionals. Further, artist profiles, reviews, biographies can also be created and stored along with the files in various folders. If required, users can also print the list of their albums and songs in hard copies with detailed information. For web masters the software also provides the facility to upload web pages of their albums, including indexed pages, albums and lyrics of individual tracks. With internet connectivity it is also possible to search for additional information in online retails stores like Amazon, Google, eBay, etc.


OrangeCD player is an intuitive program that eases the Audio playing process. You can listen to your favorite music tracks from recorded audio CDs without any interruption and also retrieve all information available from the programs online database. The player’s interface has a catchy design that makes it fun and easy to work with. The elegant layout also makes it easy for users to swap their play modes with considerable ease without having to pause or stop the running music. Menus can also be customized according to user preferences by removing or hiding unwanted or rarely used commands. The GUI based interface also makes it easy to manage playlists and audio CDs.


OrangeCD Player works with Windows XP and later. However, compared to media monkey OrangeCD player does not work with Linux or earlier versions of Windows. Further there is no android or iApp as it is available with Media monkey. Other than that this audio player it is just the right software for those who want to listen to their audio CDs without the need of sophisticated software. The new updated version of OrangeCD player also provides copy and paste support for album and track details.


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