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Opera Mail that is previously called as M2 is actually an email client for Windows. It was once an integrated element in Opera Web browser. In 2013, when Opera 15 was launched, it turned out to be an individual item.


The Mail Panel of the app presents an easy accessibility to all of the mail as well as news, and permits the user to quickly read and deliver messages. This exhibits a default- Views- to assist in accessing the messages very competently. At the right hand corner, one can notice and can get the summaries of message for the chosen view, for example, the options of Opera Mail, found in the Unread Main menu. The mail option in the panel allows doing some common actions like reading mail or writing mail, observing the labels and also clipping the low bandwidth feature that applies as slight bandwidth as probable while it is enabled. This mode would perhaps prove helpful for users while using web network with bandwidth limitations.

The option of Mail and Chat Accounts is used to modify settings for the accounts in Opera Mail and make new kinds of accounts. Besides, the icon of settings for view lets one to control the message list of every view by modifying how they are arranged, or showing particular categories of messages. When the user sees a message from anyone, they can employ the toolbar to quickly respond, forward, send, mark as read, delete and many more. One has to just choose Compose option from the Mail group to create any message and Opera Mail stores it within the Drafts view in an automatic way. After transporting the message, this shifts from Drafts view to Sent view. There is even the button of Quick reply, accessible for concise, chat-like post. To make use of the Quick Reply option, one has to hit the icon of Default Mail Settings, exposed as a wrench, just at the top-right side of message view. Another smart trait is Opera’s incorporation of RSS feeds within the email interface. This integration makes it suitable to look through news sites as well as blogs without opening one more app or a website.


The substitutes of Opera Mail are Thunderbird (it is a free of charge, open source as well as cross-platform instantaneous messaging client), Apple Mail (it alters the way a user interact with their email daily. Mail shows the messages and exposes email alongside in a widescreen, with a view of two-column), eM Client (it is a Windows related email client, that supports calendars, as well as contacts), and Outlook (it is a branch of the Microsoft Office and is a personal data manager that allows to handle the e-mail, datebook, contacts, along with tasks.


Opera Mail designed for Windows consists of a powerful set of integrated options for arranging messages. Opera Mail app is currently obtainable as a standalone app. Opera Mail may show text as well as HTML emails and utilizes the Presto designed engine to show the HTML.


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