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O&O SafeErase is a tool that helps to delete files from the hard drive. This tool can be integrated with windows explorer, doing which, on the right click menu, an option to delete is available for windows explorer which permanently deletes the file.


The tool is very simple and straight forward to use. All that is required is to right click on the file or folder that needs to be deleted and select the Safe Erase option. This helps to delete any confidential files easily without leaving traces for undelete tools. The key feature of this tool is the Analysis Option. This tool scans the files on the drive and lists the files that possibly could be a threat and these could be permanently deleted. By using a few clicks, these temporary files and also the files not properly deleted from the system can be detected and erased.

This tool is very helpful to delete all files from the drive especially in situations where the system has to be disposed or sold. Also, in situations where only the drive has to be sold the system files can be safely deleted. The windows system files which are normally locked and cannot be deleted manually can also be deleted with this tool using its own boot environment. For doing this, delete hard disk/partitions option can be used. This highlights the essential partitions and thereby reduced the risk of deleting partitions by accident. There is also a scheduler option by which automation can be done at the time at which the deletion can occur. This can be done by the task scheduler by setting the time, so that the drive could be cleaned overnight or any other free time. Additionally, with the use of the internet, the browsed files and sites are stored on the hard drive. This can be sensitive information because it can contain passwords user enter. This tool lists such information saved on the browser and then they can be permanently erased from the system. Thus online accounts can be protected from unauthorized access, and sensitive data cannot be restored and misused.


O&O SafeErase allows choosing among six ways of deletion. These methods provide maximum security and the areas of the hard disk that are deleted are overwritten several times with predefined rules. Deletion can be done quickly by overwriting the data with zeros. Also, this tool does not require a boot CD as compared with other software.


O&O SafeErase is a very user friendly tool and does the job within a few clicks. The ease of deleting files is the best part of this and it is also available as an explorer, right click option. This is also a very secure tool in deleting content and hence confidential data is safeguarded from malicious attacks.


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