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It is necessary to always keep a check on the performance of your computer. This simple task becomes difficult during times of overwork and pressure. OCCT is a free software application that allows you to enhance the performance of your system’s working and also keep a check on its overall functions. This software tool is available for all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 7 and Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).


OCCT (Over Clock Checking Tool) is a user-friendly software application which comes in a package of multiple tests so as to check and maintain the performance in a single go. The interface consists of a window where all the monitoring related details are shown. The next window consists of all the possible tests that can be done on your computer. In the monitoring tab, you can see all the types of hardware devices which are connected to your computer. It also displays information about your processor and the motherboard. This monitoring section keeps getting updated constantly and displays the status of your hardware devices. In the test window, users have the option to turn on over locking or vice versa.

Users can also select the duration and the test type that they wish to run. There is a complete list of three test modes to work from. The results of the test can be viewed at the same time that the test runs so that no extra time is wasted. You can also make changes even when the test is running in the background.


OCCT faces a mediocre range of competition from other similar functioning software applications like AIDA64, Prime95, Android Tuner, Linx and SuperPi. Android Tuner is restricted to Android operating systems. AIDA64 offers you a complete set of tools and tests so as to enhance the working of your PC. Linx has a graphical interface which displays all the results in a graphical format. SuperPi is an old software program of the same genre, and helps you to check your system’s performance only up to a certain level.


Being a free software application, OCCT occupies very little space on your hard disk drive (6.6 MB) and does not affect the processing speed of your computer also. Additionally, no malfunctioning issues will be tossed using this application. Though it does not support wide range use, it is the best software tool to help keep check of both your computer’s over lock and performance.


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