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Screen recording is a perfectly viable thing, which is at times required for serious purposes as well as for entertainment needs. Recording via camera does not give the same effect as actual screen capture which is done without any distortion. oCam is such a Screen Recorder facility that can create on screen videos and save them to the disk.


The software oCam features a widget-based interface, with buttons to start, pause and stop the recording along with a rectangle, which denotes what part of the screen to record. There are also options to record audio, select video formats and resize the screen capture area. The primary function of the software is to record whatever is displayed on the screen and create a video. The video formats that can be generated are AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, MOV, TS and VOB and audio codecs (MP3) with real-time audio encoding. Extra codecs can be downloaded from the settings page which has support for Xvid, x264vfw, Google VP8 and Lagarith. The video size is unlimited and can be recorded in excess of 4 GB as well. Screen capture facility also exists which supports the image formats of JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP. Mouse cursor recording can be excluded or included as per user. It also supports recording over dual monitor setup with custom location selection to save the recorded file. The FPS setting of the recorded video can be set as well. Video can be overlaid with watermark at custom transparency and position. The recording can be fixed to a given time limit and can be scheduled to work at specific time intervals automatically. Controls can further be customized to be used with hotkeys combination from keyboard (this eliminates any mouse based interaction). Furthermore it also supports recording full screen games that utilize DirectX 11 to render.


While oCam is free on Windows, there are other commercial alternatives available as well. Camtasia Studio is a dedicated video recording and screen capturing tool with support for minor video editing and other manipulations. In terms, it is much more versatile and feature rich but is not free as oCam. Jing is a freemium with almost similar screen capture utility but also allows uploads to FTP servers and websites along with placing on clipboards which oCam lacks however. A fully free alternative is the open-source Open Broadcaster Software, which not only supports screen capturing but also live streaming to remote locations over LAN or Internet. This makes oCam lacking in feature but it is free with a wide range of codec support and can also capture DirectX 11 games – which is its advantage.


oCam is a very simple tool for screen capturing with a wide gamut of video formats being supported. The support for DirectX 11 full screen games is an added bonus lacked by most of the application in the same category.


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