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Downloading programs from Usenet can really be an easy-to-do job, provided you are ready with some important software. NZB-O-Matic is one such software that helps you download Usenet files using dedicated servers. The format used for retrieving posts Usenet is NZB and thus using NZB-O-Matic makes your job easy. It is easy to use and a free program running on .NET framework. It runs on Windows operating systems.


When it comes to any software, what is most important are the features that the program provides you with and the use and flexibility of those features for all type of users, be it a professional or a beginner. One of the key features of this application is that, it can support multiple servers. If the target is available on many servers, this program will first make attempt to download it from any one server and then it’ll try searching it on other servers and start downloading from there also. There is no limit to the number of servers you can connect to, but sometimes due to long download queues of the server, the processor power of your machine can come into play if connections increase. The program also avails multi thread downloading. NZB-O-Matic supports yEnc, UUEncode and Base-64 types of decoding. There’s also a new option, Needs Group added to the software. The interface of the programming is easily and quickly accessible. The multi tabbing helps you to manage download, servers and monitor the program log.


The competitors of NZB-O-Matic are ezNZB and SuperNZB. ezNZB is regarded as the easiest tool to download NZB files. The main advantage of this program is that it takes you step by step through the process thus helping you to learn more about it. SuperNZB runs both on Windows and MAC operating systems. Some of the drawbacks in SuperNZB are: you can’t pause downloading of certain types of files (PARs) and you, also, cannot disconnect the servers until the download is finished. One of the notable features of it is the outstanding NZB checker, which is considered to be the best amongst all checkers.


NZB-O-Matic is one such program that you will always keep in hand if you use Usenet services. You can also add and edit the servers in the list and if required, can set login and password. The program is also filled with information of the tasks going on, which servers are connected and the download speed. Considering all these things, NZB-O-Matic should be definitely kept on your Windows operated system, if you want to get into the world of high speed downloading. The easy-to-use and friendly interface, loaded with rich features make it one of the best options out there.


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