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As portable devices become more powerful and resolution wars start to take them to insane amount of pixels, the source of power becomes a huge constraint. Keeping track of battery power remaining means either hovering over the notification area or going to the Control Panel. Notebooks are mobile computers that come fixed with battery to power them without a socket. Notebook BatteryInfo is exclusive software for Windows based OS that aims at providing extra information regarding battery life and also the power plan selected.


The installation procedure is standard stuff without requiring any tinkering with files or settings. On installation, the software integrates with the OS and displays battery information from the notification area of the taskbar. The software runs in background and barely consumes any resource ever. The interface of the configuration panel is very simple with tabbed panes containing settings regarding localization, display options, taskbar options and update check. The configuration panel also is visible from the Control Panel in Appearance and Personalization section. The taskbar displays (in either classic or Aero style) a battery icon with visual indicator for the amount of charge remaining and on hover brings more information i.e. power remaining, time remaining and power plan selected. LCD brightness can also be tweaked for system where it is supported. The software supports up to 4 batteries (in case the notebook employs battery packs). The software up till now was only available for Windows XP users but now has been ported over to Windows 7 and later versions. A beta version for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 Technical Preview is also available to try out. Apart from all this, there is also a HTML help file included for offline support.


There are plenty of battery checking utilities present for Windows operating systems. BatteryCare is one such software which gives detailed information about battery and also tips on reducing battery usage as well as improving longevity. BatteryBar and BatteryMon are similar software with information regarding battery in notebooks. The latter also provides real-time monitoring tool for battery power usage and visual representation of power usage patterns. Similar software are also available for Mac, Linux, Android and Blackberry as well. These utilities also try to improve battery life by optimizing resource usage as well as suspending programs in background when not in use.


Notebook BatteryInfo is a software that does its job admirably. Earlier it was severely limited as it was only available on Windows XP 32-bit. But since then it is now available on Windows 7 and 8 as well and including a beta version for upcoming Windows 10 Technical preview. The software is hassle free, highly configurable and runs without any bloat or excessive resource usage. Unlike other software, it does not do much or offers fancy functions but instead does one job and does it great.


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