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Norton Utilities, as known universally is a software suite that helps a user to configure, analyze, repair and maintain the performance of their computer. In simpler words, Norton Utilities is an anti-virus, and protects the computer from any and every item that it may recognize as dreadful to the system. The first release of Norton Utilities establishes back to early 1982.


When it comes to listing features of anti-viruses, the list goes on seamlessly. But every software of this type is equipped with some distinguishing abilities. Norton includes some facilities like System Dashboard, giving the user a step-by-step process of directing how to run the computer like new again. Duplicate file finder searches for all the duplicate files present in the system and removes them to minimize redundancy. Disk Doctor and Disk Cleaner are present, facilitating automatic scanning of computer hard disk and detecting potential threats; removing all records and web history of the computer to maintain a proper level of user privacy respectively. Registry cleaner and registry defragmenter, a highlighting properties of Norton Utilities. Registry Cleaner help in removing registry files that may slow down the working of computer, whereas Registry defragmenter provides an option to clean up the free spaces, and discarding corrupt files which prevent utilization of memory spaces.

Additionally, Startup Manager is another option that must be brought to light. This feature allows the user to select what files and applications to run immediately when the Windows start. This allows the users to manage the windows better, leading to improved free up memory and better start up time. There is also an UnErase Wizard, that lets a person recover some accidentally deleted files that may still be recovering into the hard disk. Smart updates automatically detect and install updates for the Utilities.


A lot of anti-viruses are available in the market, and each one of them have their pros and cons. While it has been observed that Norton Utilities have encountered bits of lags, apart from that, Norton can be rated way above others. Software like Panda Cloud and Avira beat Norton in their sizes, Norton takes an up rating in terms of performance and reliability. Options available in Norton are wide ranged and quite user friendly, and take optimization to its full.


Norton Utilities is a freeware, and can be trusted upon pretty much without a doubt. The virus detection, PC optimization, improved computer performance can all be categorized under Norton as its features. This makes it a complete package for somebody looking for a user friendly and dependable software to improve their computer’s performance.


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