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There are many programs that can protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojan and other forms of malware. Norman antivirus is a reliable application that can protect your computer and the documents it stores from malware infection. The software can also detect new threats and block them from accessing your computer. This program is compatible with all windows and only requires 1 GB disk space to install.


Norman antivirus has several features that make it effective in detecting, blocking and removing viruses, worms and other forms of malware. You can schedule the software to scan your PC from time to time. The application has a screen saver with malware scanner that can enable you to see the scanning process. Norman Antivirus is also effective in blocking viruses from entering your computer via email and instant messenger. The program can also protect your PC from new and unknown malware. This software is available as a commercial ware.


There are several programs out there that can offer protection for your PC just like Norman Antivirus. To start with, there is the Norton Antivirus. This software can block infected downloads, protect you from social media scams and keep you safe when surfing and banking online. The software also offers a free trial version unlike Norman Antivirus. Avira Antivirus is another program that can protect your computer from malware. This is a freeware unlike Norman antivirus. The software comes with the latest cloud technology to improve its malware detection rate.


Norman Antivirus is one of the best programs for protecting your computer from viruses. The developer of the program should however, improve this program by upgrading and adding extra features. Additional features such as blocking attacks from infected websites, preventing access to harmful websites, spam blocks and hacker blocks can increase the software’s efficiency.


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