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E-commerce has been so important these days for every company, wanting to reach the global mass in just no time to let their business grow with every second. Besides having a proper website and good quality contents, the owner needs to track the website performance on a daily basis to outrun the possibility of losing clients by understanding what is required by them and understanding what needs to be incorporated. Tracking all these details manually can be a tiresome job. Thankfully, Nihuo Web Log Analyzer software, a utility tool to provide all the performance details, is there to help the website owners. This cross platform software efficiently tracks the website after launching and fetches data from search databases.


Each and every website produces web logs, which include details of visitors, the pages being checked, etc. But for layman, it is quite hard to understand those encoded log files. Nihuo Web Log Analyzer is a basic software which reads web log files and converts important data to a format readable by anyone. This software sports a very simple and intuitive user interface, which has less but self-indicating buttons. To maintain a regular rate of website visitors, it is very important to provide what is required at that point of time or what attracts new visitors. This tool perfectly tracks the visitors from through-out the world and provides detailed information about every visitor including who, when, what they searched, etc. This software provides accurate HTML report on website performance, which helps the owner to incorporate new things and to develop more contents.

Additionally, the support to different log files such as Apache, Lighttpd, Zeus, NCSA, etc. makes this tool very useful. Added support of Web farm system enables this tool to access split log files. Another advantage of this tool is the ability to download log files from remote HTTP and FTP server. Support to increment analysis helps the owner to increase the growth of the company with ease.


Nihuo Web Log Analyzer is very popular software in its genre because of its efficiency and usefulness to help with e-commerce strategy. There are some other tools too, which provide similar function, such as NetBalancer and Cisco Network Magic. But probably the fiercest competitor is Google Analytics. Google’s service provides visitor details efficiently, so does Nihuo Web Log Analyzer which makes this tool a winner is the extra supports and log file access options.


Nihuo Web Log Analyzer is a utility tool, developed to provide visitor information to boost web marketing. E-commerce requires regular update and updated features to stay on the race. In that case, Nihuo Web Log Analyzer is a must have software which helps to develop strategies for e-commerce. This highly configurable software is very useful to understand every details of website performance and to prepare it for more growth.


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