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Usenet is a form of network communication older than the modern Internet itself. It predates websites, HTML5 and everything we access today. Accessing it isn’t as easy as typing in a URL into the address bar. To access Usenet you need a program called News Reader to download NZB files which point you towards Usenet’s message boards. Once you’re in, you can access every file created and shared. NewLeecher is one such News Reader which downloads the required threads and binaries from the servers, for you to read and enjoy.


NewsLeecher was one of the very first newsreaders to support NZB files. NZB files can be downloaded from multiple servers manually or via automatic updates. It has a powerful scheduler; called “SuperLeecher” which allows you to set up automatic downloads. Altogether, this ensures that your desired content is available as soon as it is posted online.Newsleecher has a customized search engine termed as “SuperSearch” which makes browsing Usenet a breeze. It provides retention of 2100 days for binaries and 3975 days for text. It offers 256 bit SSL Encryption making the access to Usenet easy, safe and fast. As an upcoming feature, support for a proper text reader will be added in the upcoming versions. While the final version retails at a price of $3 per month, an initial trial version of NewsLeecher is available for 14 days with a download limit of 14 GB.


There are many News Reader software’s available with a feature list that is very much similar to that of NewsLeecher. The most prominent ones are, Giganews, Grabit, and SABnzbd. While SABnzbd has a slight advantage by allowing remote access, the SuperSearch and SuperLeecher give NewsLeecher an edge over the others. With no downloading or speed limits and 30 simultaneous connections it comes out as the best News Reader amongst the competition.


NewsLeecher is one of the most powerful tools available out there, to access Usenet comfortably. It has a lot of rich features, necessary for easy browsing. The powerful downloading and automation properties allow you to access the content without hassle and the SuperSearch and SeuprLeech make getting content a piece of cake. This makes it a ‘can’t live without’ software for Usenet browsing.


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