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NetWorx, a new powerful tool which helps you solve your bandwidth issues. It can be used to estimate the efficiency of your really slow or really fast Internet. It gives you every possible network problems figured out and you don’t cross the data package offered by your provider. Also, you can also track suspicious network activity of Trojans and hackers! Users can also keep a record of shared networks or even of an individual connection like wi-fi or mobile net. This software is helpful in alerting you in case some suspicious activity is tracked or your connection goes down. A line chart gives details of the transferred and received data. You can always study and monitor your network statistics, thanks to this feature. The reports can be extracted in HTML, word or excel formats.


  • The display is clear and it could be graphics/alphanumeric.
  • Collected statistics can be exported as HTML, excel and word formats.
  • Uploads and downloads can be supervised effectively.
  • This software works with any type of connection, be it dial-up, Ethernet or broadband, anything you name. It provides testing your networks with the network tools.
  • It can be scaled to your connection’s download abilities.
  • It also automatically disconnects from internet if your internet browsing goes beyond a certain saturation level, but it also has an option to just notify you about it.
  • Timing downloads, reporting transfer rates are useful tools.


With softwares like Bandwidth pro, ISP monitor and Bitmeter versions, Networx has a tough competition in market but there’s no denial that it is still leading. It’s free, comes with many language supports, and have super user-friendly interface.


This application is truly made for someone who frequently uses wireless networks. It speedily checks your data transfers and notifies you of any network issues. For instance, it gives you pop-ups when useless things like windows automatic updates eat up your bytes. It’s a complete package of great features and simplicity.


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