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NetSetMan is a highly efficient application for toggling between multiple internet connections by allowing configuration of multiple internet connections. Users are therefore not required to manually configuring IPs or changing any other network settings.


NetSetMan is a useful tool for users, who use different internet connections on their laptops or computers and enables them to change the connection without having to manually change the system configuration. The application allows users to toggle between various internet connections without the requirement for changing the IP addresses, proxy settings or LAN settings. The settings for the different connections can be preconfigured and users can switch between these connections.

The program also allows users to create multiple profiles which include settings of IP addresses, Default Gateways, Subnet Masks and DNS servers. The settings are saved under different tabs and users can select between these tabs and activate the settings according to the connection that is available.

Additionally, NetSetMan lets users configure other settings such as WINS Server, Computer Name, Run Scripts and Default Printer settings. The program has a simple interface for setting-up internet connections. The field on the form for the entry of information for connection setting is simpler that Windows TCP/ IP properties dialogue box. The details of the settings can be copied and a backup file can be saved on the computer by the user. The same settings can be used on another computer that has NetSetMan installed on it. The name of a connection can be easily changed by right clicking on the connection name. The program supports management of WiFi settings and Network Drives. The other types of connections supported by the application are VPN, PPP, DUN and RAS. The application supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


DNS Jumper is an application similar to NetSetMan. DNS Jumper allows changing the IPv4 and IPv6 settings instantly and in an easy manner. Users can also backup and restore their DNS settings by using this application. Users can also check response times of the various IPs and select the IP that is the fastest.


NetSetMan is a highly efficient application for managing the various network connections that users have configured on their laptop. It allows users to easily switch between different network connections without the requirement of manually changing network configuration. The program has a simple interface and the settings for the different internet connections are saved as tab settings. Users can easily toggle between different internet connections by clicking on these tabs.


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