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In the era of large Internet downloads and need of high Internet speeds for multiple downloads, it is important to be able to control the amount of bandwidth being assigned to each and every clients. It is difficult for a normal user to be able to do such tasks without proper technical help. NetBalancer brings us a way to solve the issues. It a network and Internet monitoring tool that can efficiently control the download rates for various applications simultaneously and performing Internet activities smoothly.


NetBalancer can help to maintain the priority of distinct activities according to the user. This means that a person who is using torrent downloaders, surfing videos on YouTube, downloading songs on the Internet can still browse through the internet without any lag and glitch just by simply lowering the priority of other clients and applications using the NetBalancer. Not limiting to downloads, even the upload rates can be put to priority, along with option to put a limit to upload. Every system consists of network adapters, designated for different purposes. NetBalancer can also be used to limit the usage of particular network adapters, along with the provision to set priorities for each one of them. Limits can also be applied to global networks, which connect to the whole of www. For regular and updated information about the Internet traffic over the network, the system tray consistently displays the current status. The most noticeable features comes where the users can themselves define well set rules for the networks and control traffic according to it. People who work with multiple computer, indulge in multi-computing can find their use in the software as they can sum up all the computers and control the traffic entering each one of them by synchronizing them.


NetBalancer is a highly used software for purposes of traffic control and limiting on a network. The very similar arch enemy of software is NetLimiter. With almost the same functionalities and working, this software too comes up to the levels of NetBalancer. The competition of rating one of them as a better one solely depends of one comfort with a software and a better interface.


The control on the flow of traffic and controlling bandwidth for certain applications is important now-a-days, and this scenario calls for software like NetBalancer. The software is easily available and small in size. The user interface is easy to understand. Modules in the software are quite apt and very much of use even for a normal user. NetBalancer is a kind of software which system may require at any point of time, especially when dealing with slow Internet connections.


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