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Net Transport is one of the fastest growing download manager on the web these days. It is the fastest download manager which supports almost all protocols for ex. HTTP/HTTPS, eMule, RTSP, RTMP, FTP, Bittorent and many more. Net Transport is mainly known for its unique feature of resuming interrupted downloads and its faster downloading compared to other download Managers. It is a small freeware download manager which can be installed on any windows Operating system from windows XP to Windows 8. You can also customize or organize your download in different types of folder or category.


Features of Net Transport are countless; there are so many features such as resuming broken download links which allows you to resume downloading which was interrupted due to some problems, you can also manage downloads category wise more efficiently than other such download managers and it is ready for IPv6. It has function of automatic system shutdown after download is completed which is one of the best features and is not available in other downloads managers, exploring website to find downloadable documents or files is a great unique features as compared to other such download managers.


Comparing this with other similar players, other applications don’t have much of the feature which Net Transport offers. There are several other download managers such as Internet Download Manager, Free Download Manager, and Orbit Download Manager, etc. But they all are just ordinary in front of Net Transport. No other download manager have tendency to have all those features. Net Transport is very lite-weight and very user friendly.


Net Transport is a great choice for the user with slow connection so that they can download their files with good speed which cannot be done with other ordinary download manager. It has very user friendly interface so no special qualification other than Basic Computer Knowledge is needed to use this software. It is also supported on most of the operating system which makes a good option of all users with all types of operating system. It automatically grabs links from web pages which helps user to find download link from confusing web pages. Overall it is one of the best download managers available on the web.


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