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Nero is a multimedia application suite for media tasks such as music, video and photos. Now in its 2014 versions, it focuses greatly on home devices, media and optimized application interactivity within the suite. Nero is the ideal product for connecting all your favorite media and making it ready to watch while on the go or at home.


Nero Improved media management that is supported by optimized performance and workflow. It also comprises of mobile device support for android, latest iOS and windows 8 tablets and smartphones. This great software allows you to trans-code and send audio or video content to any connected virtual drive or device.
It features tutorials, applications, tools and use cases that allow to improve and edit your videos and photos faster and makes it easy to stream enhanced slideshows and playlists such as music, videos and photos to any streaming enabled DMA, TV or Blu-ray player. You can drag and drop your video clips for editing and authoring into the drop zone home screen and the specific project begins playing automatically with the pre-configured settings.


Nero is less buggy as compared to Nero 12. Nero 2014 encodes faster, supports 4K videos and streams videos on televisions. However, the greatest changes are in its usability. It burns all types of optical discs, plays Blu-ray movies and converts videos for almost all devices.


Nero is top notch when it comes to disc creation. Additionally, it has adequate audio, video and photo creative abilities that satisfy every average user. In addition, its unique playback and media managing, powerful video authoring and editing, super conversion and ripping and faster copying and burning features makes it a must have for every media playback user. It caters for the ultimate standard in multimedia industry.


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