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Making a DVD is not easy since you will require a huge amount of software and some may not abounding. Nero recode was designed to assist in such situations. Nero recode is a software that was designed to work with windows. It is not a professional digital encoding tool but it performs a perfect job when converting videos form camcorders. It has a nice and user friendly interface that can be used even by beginners.


Converts videos as you prefer: Nero recode allows you to fine tune all the video settings with an aim of achieving the exact playback experience you prefer. It features a quality slider that lets you know when optimal performance has been achieved.
Fast video conversion with hardware encoding: it supports hardware accelerated AMD App that allows you to finish video converting up to 4 times faster. It also allows you to create a batch job with numerous videos and set it to log off your personal computer once the converting is finalized.
Drag and drop feature: it is easy to convert videos with the drag and drop feature. You drag the video to be converted and drop it into the Nero recode zone to convert it.


Nero recode is better and practical as compared to its competitors such as DVD flick and WinX DVD author. DVD flick features a basic user menu and may experience some video or audio sync problems with different file types that are recorded in VBR mode. WinX DVD author works flawlessly and is an easy and fast way to create videos and personalize them with the help of DVD subtitles and menus.


Nero recode does a great job and can never fail you. It is a wizard driven application that integrates with Vista standards. It allows you to burn your output results to a disc and save them to a computer easily. Moreover, data and DVD video can be burned simultaneously without encountering any problems.


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