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The advent of the optical discs and the USB flash drives seemed to push diskettes into oblivion. However there are times when unseen circumstances occur and the operating system refuses to read one or more system file. This would often require an unbiased disk format that is readable by any operating system. Such a format would include the Universal Disk format. In order to enable proper use of the format into optical discs, manufacturers of burning software have integrated it, to make it work with the file system. One such software is the Nero InCD, which allows a person to format CDs and DVDs so that they can be used as diskettes


The software has an easy to use, clean interface that provides quick access to all features. It does not have complicated configurations and it is able to use a number of UDF files. This makes the software to be ideal for any user regardless of how advanced their level of experience is. The software supports all existing formats of CDs and DVds. A notable feature of the NeroInCD is that it is able to read optical discs that are created with the SecurDisc technology. These discs have specific protection properties. The software automatically launches when Windows is booted and it provides letter access to the optical discs. It supports the drag and drop and save functions. The software is compatible with all Windows operating systems. It utilizes the Packet data writing method, which basically involves writing data by packets (in small increment) on a writable media. It works exclusively with rewritable Medias.


The software works exclusively with rewritable optical discs such as CD – RW, CD-MRW, DVD-RW, DVD-RW or DVD MRW. While most such software burn data or video discs, this software uses the drag and drop function to copy and directly modify the discs.


This is the ideal solution for creating UDF format optical discs. It is also handy when it comes to erasing and formatting of optical CDs and DVD drives since the software can be configured to auto-format blank discs when inserted. The software is able to work on most systems however it does not work on systems that do not support UDF such as Windows 98.


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