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Managing information on a digital platform is more sensitive considering the risks involved. Sometimes you move around and cannot access information stored in your local server or desktop computer back at the office.

Nero BackItUp is designed to resolve problems that arise out of such situations. It is an affordable plan to keep your digital data secure and accessible from any location. Once you back the data up using Nero BackItUp, you can always log into the account at anytime and from anywhere to retrieve the same.


This is an entirely new version and that is why it is available as a free download for a limited time only. Anyone interested in trying out this new application can download it for free while the offer still lasts. This will be until the 31st of March 2014 unless the company decides to extend the free offer period. Interesting features to look out for from this application include a free starter package to help you experience the difference and it is also more private and secure to guarantee the safety of your information.


There are many applications that have been designed by various developers to offer back up solutions and to enhance file sharing and access for people regardless of their location. Nero BackItUp is one of them but you could also rely on applications that exploit cloud computing concepts to enhance data sharing and access over a secure platform.


It is easy to notice that many people are departing from the conventional office situation where every worker has to report to a particular place to work. Many people are now working remotely and to do this effectively, you need applications such as Nero BackItUp to help you manage files and information securely.


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