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Neo’s SafeKey is an application that helps the user to protect passwords and other personal information through anti-keylogging techniques. The application is available in installation and portable modes.


Neo’s SafeKey is a program for protection of password and other sensitive personal information through various anti-keylogging techniques. A user’s passwords and other important information are protected from getting compromised through other key-logger applications which might get installed on the user’s computers through malwares.

The application also blocks hacking attempts, phishing attacks and theft of identity and other key information such as credit card data, banking accounts passwords, email accounts, Facebook accounts and other similar important accounts. The application ensures that the keyboard is not used for inputting of important information. Neo’s SafeKey uses standard drag and drop mechanism which ensures safety and protection to the user’s data. The program also incorporates screenlogger protection.

Neo’s SafeKey also supports injection mode for programs which do not support drag and drop options. It incorporates auto-hiding while dragging and dropping of passwords. The program supports hovering over a key option while inputting the data. The time for hovering can be set between 0.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds for it to get registered as a key press. Neo’s SafeKey is available in the install and portable editions. The portable version can be carried on portable devices like USB drives and can be used on several computers. It does not require separate installations on the different computers. The portable version does not leave any traces of the application in the Window’s registry. It offers mouse mode and injection mode. The latest version of Neo’s SafeKey is Version 3. It supports Windows 7 in including the 64 bit mode, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


Oxynger Key Shield is an application similar to Neo’s SafeKey. It incorporates the features that randomly reshuffle the keys on the virtual keyboard. This provides protection against mouse logging. The keyboard gets reshuffled each time the application is run and is randomly arranged.

Mouse Only Keyboard is another application similar to Neo’s Safekey. It is a highly effective against keylogging. It uses the copy paste mode for inputting the data while disabling the clipboard viewing to protect against capturing of clipboard data.


Neo’s Safekeys is an useful tool for protecting confidential information from keyloggers. The application uses an intuitive interface and is easy to install and use. The portable version makes it possible for using the application on multiple computers without the requirement of installing the software on these computers.


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