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Nano Antivirus is pretty much your basic antivirus malware protection software. It has a few features to set it apart but it does all of the computer and internet protecting that you want it for. As far as technology like this goes it is pretty much the standard minimum. It will protect your computer from malware and viruses as advertised. It just isn’t going to go out of its way very much in order to accommodate your needs or anticipate.


Like many other programs, it has real time scanning protection if you put that setting on. This means that every time you open something, this program will check it for threats. It does the same for any downloads or sites like most software of its kind as well. Nano Antivirus specifically seems to be aimed more at IT workers as opposed to the average person. It seems that the interface that it uses would be hard for a regular person to understand let alone use.
Nano Security is the company that developed Nano Antivirus .


Being such a small company this software has a lot of competition. There are hundreds of programs out there basically the same as Nano Antivirus and hundreds better than it. It is also not made for the common man. While people now are more computer literate than before, they still don’t know sophisticated technology software like the guys in IT do. They probably will not fair well.


In all honesty, this software just does not seem worth it. There are freeware programs out now that are better than this. It may give basic protection but it does not have any firewall, it does not do antispam and it has no email security whatsoever. As far as a security program goes, it seems that they blew it pretty bad. If you want your computer protected, get yourself some well made software that actually does its job completely and thoroughly.


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