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Creating slideshows isn’t a hard task. You put the pictures; add some music and you’ll get a desired slideshow with various animations even in simple slideshow presenter. Adobe PowerPoint has been a pioneer in this concept. But, things have changed dramatically and you can now fully customize the way you want your slideshow to perform and it’s all have been changed by MySlideShow.


MySlideShow is cross platform supported and it’s enriched with amazing features. In terms of usability, advanced features and full-customization options, this software left no bounds or no room for buying another software.

–         Synchronize slides with Music

Yes, you already know to add music to your slideshow but synchronizing every slide with different music is just another job of MySlideShow. If you want to keep a certain tune dedicated to an individual picture, this feature will come as your greatest savior.

–         Auto or Manual Slide Shows

You just knew you can create slideshows but who know you could also change every slide in automatic mode. Using the auto mode of this program, users can easily create random effects with each slide and keep the pictures intact. There’s also a special playlist as the background music. Also you can use narration or voice over audio files to add another mix to your slideshow package.

Since, MySlideShow supports whole bunch of transition effects, it gets easier to add captions in distinct color and font settings as well. For creating the slides destined to be used in web, you can generate HTML pages with thumbnails.

–         Very Lightweight

It’s full of custom features but only within its 8-16mb hard drive space. The program is really lightweight even if you import hundreds of pictures. You won’t notice any lag or hang. It runs smoothly and creates even video files as its output slideshow video.

–         Amazing Flexibility

When it comes to user-interaction, this software can outclass any slideshow presenter list. It supports multi-monitor system and also projector. The Gold edition of this software has included a help file which might come in your favor at times.


There aren’t really worthy opponents of MySlideShow but Microsoft Photo Story and Wedding Album Maker offers similar features. Microsoft Photo Story doesn’t carry so many features like MySlideShow and it’s only available for PC-Windows users. Wedding Album Maker is a great software similar to MySlideShow but it has a high price tag and its trial version only supports to add 36 pictures only.


MySlideShow is capable of taking your slideshow creation to another level with full-featured customizations and intuitive UI to guide you along the way.


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