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If you want to see a fresh screen after a few hours when you are working on your PC or even after you open your PC after some time, this Windows software will definitely serve your purpose. This software is actually used to automatically change your PC wallpaper after some specified time. It offers a huge range of categories from which you can choose the type of wallpaper you are looking for. Every time you open your PC you will be surprised to find new wallpaper reining your PC desktop. This is quite innovative software and it synchronises with an online gallery from which it downloads wallpaper every day.


This software can be complimented as crisp and effective. If you practice this action of changing your desktop wallpaper regularly, this will help you drop this responsibility. This software is completely automated and hardly uses the internet data as it downloads single wallpaper in a day or after regular interval as specified by you. This is quite an impressible feature as it allows you to specify the time after which the software will download new wallpaper form its online gallery and automatically apply it on your desktop background.

My Daily Wallpaper is typically a windows app and it uses its own gallery and this is what makes it more secure as there is lesser chances of any malware or virus getting downloaded while the daily wallpapers are downloaded. The practice of manually changing your wallpaper is quite hectic task as getting a wallpaper of your choice is difficult and when your browse the net for suitable wallpaper, you often find yourself confused and end up frustrated. All these can be saved just by installing this software.

My Daily Wallpaper has more than 700,000 wallpapers from which it chooses a wallpaper for your PC on random and with this everlasting variety, you will never get bored. This huge database makes sure that a wallpaper won’t get repeated on your screen, no matter for how long you are using the software. Another interesting feature is the grouping of wallpapers into different types like Music, Abstract, Floral, Concept, Psychic and many more such categories. You can choose your category and change it after you are bored of that type.


Other software like Automatic Wallpaper Changer is a good competition to My Daily Wallpaper. Same function is served by Free Wallpaper Changer which you can download for free.


My Daily Wallpaper is a useful software but you should asses your need and then check them with the other software of this type. The collection is really impressible and there is no doubt that the wallpapers won’t get repeated.


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