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The muveeRevealX is one of the video editing software, offering some easy steps to create home video. It helps to make the striking presentation with any photos and video. And all of the things can be done without any advanced technical skill or a lengthy learning process.


muveeRevealX is a latest software application built particularly for assisting in the task of creating movies in just a few steps. It includes a clean and simple interface, which gives the chance to insert videos or pictures by just dragging or dropping these into the main panel.
With the help of the built-in player of the application, the current video selection can be stopped and the volume can also be adjusted. The software enables one to swap to a full screen mode for more improved focus on the work, and find items through the name or date of the file. In addition to this, one can select between the different skins for a project, and arrange the related parameters in terms of saturation effects, color, intensity of color and also font style.
Some other significant features that are worth mentioning are that it gives the opportunity to indicate the photo duration and chose an automatic mode. The video duration can also be set manually. Even the background color, titles, audio files, image of logo, etc can be inserted. The tool can even display the whole image or zoom in to fill up the screen.

Whether there is an email-friendly document or eye-popping HD, the software offers a number of options to show off the movie making skills. It even permits to burn any DVD, or export a movie in all of the popular formats like MPEG, H264, WMV, and many more.

muveeRevealX will even arrange the final video file in order to share on the iPad or iPhone. It can also open iTunes and populate a movie in order that the next time when the iOS device will be connected, it will automatically sync the film with the device. It can also be shared online with the websites like YouTube or Facebook, or also the internal circles of BFFs of muvee Cloud, a personal sharing area only for muvee users.


One of the alternatives of muveeRevealX is Avidemux, which is a video editor intended for simple filtering and encoding the tasks. It can support several file types. VirtualDub is also a video processing utility for Windows platforms and it is certified under GNU General Public License. Movie Maker also creates home movies with amazing fun. With it one can edit and share the movies on the computer.


muveeRevealX is a latest addition to the present video editing market. The software is competent to accommodate various file formats and sizes. It can run in a smooth way with a very fast response time. Loading of song and voiceover takes just a few seconds based on how long it is.


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