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Music download center will allow you to download free music. The software enables the user to search 12 different MP3 sites at the same time for music to download. This app is available as a free download and is compatible with windows 7, windows 2000, windows 8, windows XP and windows Vista. The app has been tested and proven to be virus free. The app will not take much of your PC memory as it is only 9.4 MB. The latest version of Music Download Center is the 0.6 version.


Music Download Center searches MP3 sites such as MP3skip, Vmp3, MP3skull, dilandau, wuzam, soundcloud, vpleer, wrzuta, prostopleergoear, MP3fusion, emp3world and download music to your desktop. This means that, you can use the app to update your playlists and download as many music tracks as you wish. The app is very easy to use and will include the labels as well as the album cover of the song. The app also includes other exciting features such as download history and online radio that you can listen when working. The software also has an option of playlists.
It is important to note that, some of these features do not function very well and in some circumstances the user will be left frustrated by their performance. Another important thing that you should note about this app is that, you can only download music that is free of copyright. The design of this application is also very basic. However, the app provides a huge directory of songs that you can keep playing for the whole day.


There are several apps that are similar to Music Download Center. iTunes is one of those apps. This application enables the user of the iPhone and other apple devices to download and manage music files. You can use iTunes to download your favorite music free. The app has a very simple interface and has a miniplayer that the user can utilize in listening to their downloaded music. However, there are a few limitations that are associated with this application. One of those limitations is that, it can only support limited file formats.
The other program that is similar to Music Download Center is MusicTuner. The user of this app can download music within a short period of time. They can also benefit from the tutorials that come with the of the major limitations of this app is that it lacks some key features and its interface is poor.


Music Download Center is one of the basic apps that you should have if you love music. You will be able to download all your favorite music.


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