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mp3Tag Pro is a useful application for Windows as it helps the user to insert tags in an audio file. If a user is maintaining a huge record of audio files it will not be easy for them to locate a single audio file, thus here comes the importance of mp3Tag Pro. It is a paid application with lots of useful features.


As suggested by the name, mp3Tag Pro will help its users to systemize the audio files by inserting tags, renaming their names and so on. The tags, which are inserted in the audio files, will remain with them, even if the location of the file is changed. Although mp3Tag Pro is used only for Mp3 audio format files, it is also available for other formats of audio that is MP4, WMA, FLAC, WV AAC and WAV. This application is quite consistent with support for all the major audio formats, which make it more appropriate application for the user. The application will also sort the collection of the user’s music files automatically by creating whole new directories. These new directories so created will depend on the choice of user on how they want to maintain it.

If the user have an uncertain directory, mp3Tag Pro will maintain it within a least time and that command will be followed on numerous audio files at once. This program will enable the user to download its lyrics or cover images with the help of the buttons provided within the program. One of the main and important feature provided by mp3Tag Pro is that if the user backed up their audio files with tags inserted, it will be available after retrieving those files i.e. the tag will remain forever in those tracks until and unless the audio file is deleted from their record.


Tag editor is an application that helps the user to insert tags, maintain huge directories and records of audio files. One such application is mp3Tag Pro. There are some other applications too, which provide same functions as mp3Tag Pro. One of them is Zortam Mp3 Media Studio, which is also used for editing audio file; inserting tags in them etc. However, mp3Tag Pro is much more valuable in comparison with all other application on same kind.


Mp3Tag Pro is a lightweight application that is available to the user with approximately all those requirements that they needs during organizing or managing their audio file directories. During the comparison with all other applications of same kind mp3Tag Pro is quite favorable in to some extent while there are some unfavorable points too. On a qualitative basis, this application is useful if looking for a lightweight and simple tag editor application, however if looking for a professional application this might not be useful.


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