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MP3jam is an application which is designed to manage and organize the list of sound tracks easily and better than an existing media player which might have been used by the users. MP3jam gives such utility functions which does exactly what users have concern about. It is often when people use to play some fresh music but they have to go through a long music list of folders while searching an appropriate sound track. Using MP3jam, it is possible to arrange various sound tracks according to the user’s aspects. It offers feature which are capable of customizing music file such that users can never face trouble during listening their music. Online custom search of any track is also possible using certain keystrokes as per users wish. It can find out music online for listener by searching it on servers. It supports Windows XP, 7, 8 and 64 bit likewise operating system.


MP3jam offers the desired sound tracks using online network and from where users can also get to download it. While the download is taking place, its inbuilt audio player streams the existing sound track together. Hence they can download and listen to it simultaneously and later it is going to be downloaded and played offline as well. It is an ads supported application which has 8.4 MB size. The application is quite messy as it supports unwanted ads yet users can afford it because of its capabilities. Although, it is possible to blocks these unwanted ads from Mp3jam application by the users. Features of Mp3jam are responsible for its popularity and fair reviews. About its appearance, it looks a bit pinkish as in its default theme but it can either be changed by the user followed by its manual appearance settings. It keeps an inbuilt audio player, downloader, file manager and so on. It keeps the information of the lists of the songs those are being or have been downloaded in its history section. The new thing the application has included in latest release is it might search music by hash tags like #medona, #90s, #enrique, etc.


Music application basically use to offer options such as music download links and online streaming of audio tracks and sometimes also offers an online list keeping one’s favorite playlist individually that reduces a concern of users about to searching again the same tracks to listen. MP3jam is the one program that commonly offers the same yet it is loaded with other some specific features such as its inbuilt player and high speed downloader that comparatively aids difference into it. There are many other applications of same category the way MP3jam works, such as Grooveshark, Spotify, Jango, etc. All of these applications performs almost same as MP3jam does. However, MP3jam is quite less costly and highly impressive as it offers high speed download and advance hash tag music search which is found to be newly featured and pretty cool option.


MP3jam is stunning application to the users who can’t live without music. Users can set their tracks and customize them, also add to their favorite playlist maintained by the application. The application is an utility software which can be used freely after installation with some escapable ads, although it is amazing as an entertainer.


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