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MP3Gain is a simple yet highly efficient application for adjusting and normalising the volume levels of MP3 files and generate output where all the tracks have the same volume level irrespective of the original volume level of the MP3 files. Therefore, users are not required to change the volume of their music player every time a new track is played.


MP3Gain is an effective application for normalising and adjusting the volume of MP3 files. Using this application eliminates the need to adjust the volume of the player for each track. Every music track is recorded separately and has a different mood to it. The volume of the track therefore depends on these factors and hence requires adjustments. In case of MP3 songs with tracks from multiple sources, this variation is even higher.

MP3Gain enables users to normalise the volume levels of their favourite tracks or entire albums. Users are needed to add tracks or albums of their choice using the file browser. Adding the entire album or folder helps save time and efforts required in this activity. The track analysis button generates a report of the current volume levels of the track and save it for future use. Users might need to revert to the original volume levels in future and hence this report is helpful for this specific purpose.

The application allows users to specify the volume levels preferred by them using the track gain button. If the users are not satisfied by the volume levels specified by them, they can change the values by clicking the track gain button again.

In case the volume of the entire album is to be normalised and adjusted, users need to click on album analysis and album gain buttons instead of track analysis and track gain buttons. The application has an intuitive and simple interface and hence even new users can efficiently and easily use the application. The program requires low system memory and does not impact the performance of the system.


MP3 Normalizer is an application similar to MP3Gain. The program is quite effective in normalising MP3 audio files. It amplifies the volume of the tracks or recorded voices which are quiet and make these audible. Similarly, it flattens voices which are too loud and normalise their volume. It optimises sound quality of tracks which are too old or are extracted from old sources such as audio and video cassettes.


MP3 Gain is a useful tool that saves time and efforts required for normalising the volume of sound tracks. Depending upon the specifications provided by the users, the application adjusts the volumes of the tracks or even entire albums. The simple interface and easy operating procedure ensures that even new users can operate the application effectively. The program generates an output file with the original volume levels so that the tracks can be reverted back to these levels in future. Similarly, if the normalised value is liked by the users, they can make changes to it in an easy manner.


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