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Skype is one of the best communication tools that not only deliver to send chat messages but also allow its users to make both online and direct calls. But, sometimes the calls need to be recorded so that the users can replay an old online meeting or renew the memories shared by their family. Either way, Skype doesn’t have the option to record the video calls. In this circumstance, MP3 Skype Recorder comes to the rescue with many available features.


MP3 Skype Recorder is a tool that lets its users to save the video or audio calls in MP3 format so that it can be played later on. It gives a handful of features as well.

  • Automatic Recording

The users can either choose Automatic Recording or Manual Recording depending on their choices. With Automatic recording capability, every Skype call will be saved without the permission of the user. In this way, a user can store all calls in MP3 formats. This feature is amazing since allowing permission each time for each conversation is a time-demanding process.

  • Recordings Saved in Compact MP3’s

Since, Skype users tend to make long calls as well as the shorter ones, the recorded files tend to get bigger. But, this doesn’t happen with MP3 Skype Recorder. It comes with features that deliberately lowers the file size and save each call in a compact MP3 file so that the users can store hundreds of files without even considering how much disk space it requires.

Also, the manual mode will seem handy to those who want to control what they want to store and want to do it manually. When a call is being made, the user can open this software to record the ongoing call right away.

  • Tracks Simultaneous Calls

MP3 Skype Recorder doesn’t limit its functionality over a single call. It allows its users to record multiple calls running at the same time including the group call. If a call is on hold, and a user makes another call, both calls can be saved in different files. This program also supports group calls with various users.

  • Stealth Mode for Discretion

The automatic mode of recording calls works in Stealth mode as well. If the user doesn’t want to get notified about recording their call, they can still turn on the Stealth mode to record calls at users’ discretion.


There are a lot of programs dedicated to do such job and they are Amolto Call Recorder, Ecamm (only supports Mac), etc. Many of these softwares allow both video and audio calls. However, they don’t come with easy to use features like MP3 Skype Recorder.


For easy to use and simple Skype call recording in audio, MP3 Skype Recorder is the best choice.


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