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MP3 Quality Modifier is a useful tool for reducing the size of MP3 files without affecting the desired level of the quality of the MP3 audio quality and ensuring that the ID3 tags remain intact. The modification is done based on the bit rate of the file and the quality level selected by the user.


MP3 Quality Modifier is an effective program, which reduces the file size of MP3 audio files without compromising on the quality of the audio. The application makes modifications according to the quality level specified by the users or by defining the custom settings.

The application makes changes to the bit rate while maintaining the desired quality level of the audio. The ID3 tags of the files remain intact while effecting the modifications. The application is easy to install and has an intuitive interface. New users can easily make the basic modifications with ease. Advanced users can make changes to the stereo settings and the sample frequencies for determining the characteristics of the output files. This gives a better control over the generated output files. The application allows modifying individual files or an entire batch. Processing an entire batch saves time and efforts of the users and reducing the efforts needed to process the files.

While modifying the files, users can define the results of the output files such as the destination folders or whether to replace the original file or to replace it. The application uses low amount of system resources and hence does not adversely affect the performance of the system. MP3 Quality Modifier supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


MP3Resizer is an application similar to MP3 Quality Modifier. The application optimises the MP3 files and reduces the size of these files while maintaining the quality of the audio. The program makes modifications to the bit rate and thereby reduces the file size. The size of the file is reduced to up to 25 percent of the original file. This means that the generated output is lesser by four times of the original file size. The software supports Windows 10 and all the previous versions of Windows operating system.


MP3 Quality Modifier is an efficient application program for reducing the file size of MP3 files. The program uses a simple yet effective method which is reducing the bit rate of the audio file. However, it does not adversely affect the audio quality of the generated output files. The ID3 tags remain intact and the users can define the specifications of the output file.


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