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Mozilla Thunderbird is open source software developed by Mozilla Foundation with absolutely free of cost cross platform email, feed reader and news client services. Mozilla Thunderbird is developed after web browsing software Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Thunderbird can manage multiple emails, news feeds along with news group and it has support to access various accounts simultaneously with the same software with a minimal configuration. There are two well known versions of Mozilla Thunderbird and they are Mozilla Thunderbird Vanilla, Mozilla Thunderbird Lightning extension.

Mozilla Thunderbird supports Post Office Protocol (POP) & Internet Mail Access Protocol for sending receiving mail.


Security is the main feature of Mozilla Thunderbird and it supports the following security mechanism:

  • S/MIME
  • PGP

Mozilla Thunderbird has amazing theme support for themes and there are various style sheet layouts generally known as CSS and multimedia support. Mozilla Add-on provides such access to download this creative feature to make user interface more exciting and fresh.

Mozilla Thunderbird provides Bayesian spam filter feature with this software, with the help of this the unwanted spam mail coming from unknown locations can be blocked and managed accordingly. With the help of this feature the email inbox can be kept intact from garbage junk mails and spam that may harm client’s system.  

Mozilla Thunderbird is a news group, email, news feed and chat based software for various providing convenient mail access to the client.

The chat feature included in Mozilla Thunderbird is as follows:

  • IRC
  • XMPP

Mozilla Thunderbird adds PIM functionality for mail support with lightning version. Move mail feature on Linux operating system is supported by Mozilla Thunderbird. It is also possible to archive email information on the local disk.


This is quite a similar product like Microsoft Outlook Express providing mail support for accessing mail by creating isolated account on Mozilla Thunderbird and accessing mail and news feeds from one source. Due to lack of profit in terms of updates the investment in Mozilla Thunderbird came to a halt and it became a bit messy for Mozilla Foundation to deal with this problem. Apart from this problem Mozilla Thunderbird is very impressive and a user friendly platform to access mail related functionalities.


Mozilla Thunderbird is amazing, secure and optimized software for cross platform support and mail accessibility. The various file support makes it way more efficient and the supported files are as follows:

  • Mork
  • SQLite
  • Mbox

Mozilla Thunderbird supports various operating systems and it provides worldwide software support to operating systems like:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Os x


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