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Our digital life contains vital information which lets us access services and websites using them. Such examples are favorites, bookmarks, saved form data, credentials, etc. Migration of such information manually from one system to another is tedious and their loss could be catastrophic. MozBackup is a great utility software that can backup these profiles from various browsers and internet chat clients.


The software is a wizard with option driven process where each screen provides various sets of options for the user. The Operation page shows the options to backup or restore profiles along with options to select the applications supported. The Profile selection page comes next which lets the user choose the profile to backup/restore and select the location of the backup file. The Components selection screen allows the user choose what components to backup/restore. Supported components include Emails, General settings, address books, history, bookmarks, sidebars, extensions, user styles, saved passwords, saved form details, cookies, downloaded file list, certificates, cache and an option to backup/restore email settings only. There are a number of supported chat clients/email clients and web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird (including RSS accounts), Sunbird, Flock, Postbox, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spicebird, Songbird, Netscape and Wyzo. Firefox browser addons are also supported which include Adblock Plus, Google Toolbar, ChatZilla, Prebar, Clippings, Crash Recovery, File Title, ForecastFox, Greasemonkey, HTML Validator, Mouse Gestures, Sage, Stylish, Tb Mix Plus, Web Developer, etc. Saving backups on FAT file systems where file size is limited is warned. Mozilla micro-summary, phishing protection and client-side sessions are also supported.

Apart from these, the software also supports command line interface, which includes options to set the parameter, and errors are recorded in log files. The software is a freeware for even more commercial use and is available on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista and 7. The software has numerous translations available including French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and many others.


On Windows platform, FEBE is another freeware which stands for Firefox Environment Backup Extension, which performs similar backup of Forefox profile and addons. However, the software is only limited to the browser and not to other clients. For thunderbird backup there is similarly TEBE, which is again limited to only one chat client. Siphon is an open-source addon syncing and backup software and is available in all platforms but with limited facilities. FavBackup is another similar software that allows profile backup for Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera but has little support for email or chat clients.


MozBackup is excellent wizard driven utility software, which supports a large number of chat and email clients and has great support for Firefox along with add-ons. The backup and restore feature is available for almost all components including history, saved data, credentials and settings. Support for chat and email clients makes it stand out against other such software which usually target only one such clients.


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