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Movienizer is a database management tool intended for motion images. With this software it is possible to arrange a compilation of preferred films or also unseen films, as well as the actors, so as to produce reports and data.


The procedure to set Movienizer in the computer is fast and easy. The interface of this app adopts a very clean window along with a well-organized structure, in which the default database of the movie is loaded. The app also supports multiple tabs and so one can simply toggle various information displayed. Apart from observing the details of the movie, it is likely to sort the compilation by films, authors, actors, years, field, IMDB rating as well as some other criteria. The users can also utilize a search feature with systematic filters to make out a film or person.

Adding any new motion picture or person into the database may be done by means of simple wizards, in which the users are enabled to fill in all the particulars or obtain them from the web. In an alternative way, the existing information can also be edited. The size of the database can be decreased, whereas a backup copy may be made and stored to any area of a hard disk, if the original file gets lost or deleted by chance.

Movienizer moreover offers a function to synchronize the movies between a PC and the server, making a catalog of movie in support of the Dune player. The movie info can be imported from the text files, and the episode covers can be extracted from the files. The tool also offers a good support for the plug-ins and several UI languages. It has an excellent response time and also operates on low CPU as well as RAM. There is even a portable version available, and it is known as Movienizer if the user wants to operate the application straight from the mass storage device.


One of the similar software as Movienizer is GCstar. It is an open source app for dealing with the collections. Thorough information on every item may be automatically recovered from the net and one can save additional data. WhereIsIt is another app made for Windows OS, and intended to help the users to sustain and arrange a catalog of the media collection of the computer. eXtreme Movie Manager is also a powerful software for managing the film collection. It allows the users to list any video formats like DivX, DVD, DVD-R, etc detailed information. Listal is also an online DVD, and game collection manager.


Movienizer is one of the helpful tools for the real movie enthusiasts. It allows the users to sort out the movie and collection of television series and trace all at once. Movienizer can also be used to capture all type of information regarding the film – including a short outline and screenshots, and also to rate them, in order that the users can find the favorite flicks easily.


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