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Having a large database of movies requires a tough task of organizing them, which almost every user is troubled off. All such users need an application, which enables them to manage this collection of movies easily. One such application is MovieManager Pro which supports user in organizing these tons of movies on their computer system. It also provides user the facility of identifying movies as well as storing them. The application scan drives of the user’s computer system to locate all the movie files. User can also create a backup of these files and restore it when needed.


It is almost every user’s priced possession to have hundreds of movies on their system but it in turn require a hard working task of organizing them. Nothing would be much advantageous for users if they have an application, which can perform this task for them. MovieManager Pro is such a useful application for all users, which allows them to organize their movies. On the startup the application scans whole drives to locate every movie file in one place. This application allows user to find their movie easily from anywhere in the computer system. MovieManager Pro also provides user the facility of IMDB i.e. Internet Movie Database feature which make sure that all the required information about the movie is updated automatically from the web and user can store this information as well. It enables user to search for a movie from the entire collection by sorting it according to their preference like movie name, title, date, producer, etc. Another important feature of this application is user can create links of their movies and store them on their hard drive. MovieManager Pro also has the capability of backing up the database and restores it whenever needed which is an exciting feature of this helpful application. It also has an inbuilt feature, which allows user to play their movie by selecting the preferred player. MovieManager Pro comes in a pretty fair and user-friendly interface which make it an easy operated application. It doesn’t matters whether user is a beginner or one who knows about movie managing application as both of them can use this application easily and comfortably. Also it is a light weighted application, which uses minimal system resources.


Some of the alternatives present in the market of MovieManager Pro are Mobile TV Center and Satellite TV from PC. But the thing which makes MovieManager Pro much more useful application than its alternatives is its helpful features. Some of these features are easy organizing procedure, automatic updating of movie information with the help of Internet Movie Database i.e. IMDB feature, backup and restoring data. These features make it a must have application for all users looking for a movie manager app.


MovieManager Pro is an exciting helpful application for users who wants to manage their collection of movies easily. A well-mannered graphical and user-friendly interface make it a useful application for all users whether a novice or a professional user who knows it. Also it is a light weighted application which supports user to operate other application while using it.


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