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Managing collection of movies present on the computer system is a handy task. For this user always depend on an application which enables them to organize their movies and DVD. Movie Label 2014 is that useful application which helps user in managing their movies and other stuff. User can also add movies or TV shows to this library just by scanning the bar code or by entering the title. It also allows user to create a backup, automate movie information update and other important functions related to the database. Movie Label 2014 comes in a user-friendly interface which make user to use it easily.


In order to manage the collection of movies present in their computer system, user always need a helpful application. Movie Label 2014 is that application which make user comfortable to manage their movies, DVD and other important media data. With the help of this application user can add movies to their collection and for this they just have to type the name of the movie. User can also add movie by scanning the bar code of the movie. This application also allows user to search movies inside their database so that user can locate any movie easily without searching it here and there. Another important feature, which makes it a helpful application is user can import movie of as many as supported formats i.e. WMV, AVI and MOV from their hard drive and add it up in this database. On the time of adding a new entry the application allows user to edit name, location and other information related to the movie. Movie Label 2014 also enables user to create the backup of their database as well as add a label to a movie in order to search it easily. This application also supports user to automatically update the information of a movie by downloading it through the Internet. It comes in a user-friendly interface with easy operating functionality so that every user can access it easily and comfortably. Especially if user is a novice then they can use the help contents available with the application itself. Movie Label 2014 has a minimal effect on user’s computer system as it use moderate amount of system resources.


Some other application having same operating mechanism like that of Movie Label 2014 are Mobile TV Center and Satellite TV for PC. But the number of helpful features available with this application gives it priority above all other alternative application of its kind. For example organizing all the collection, easy and fast procedure of adding movies, enable search within the database, create backups and many more. These features make Movie Label 2014 a must have application for all users.


Movie Label 2014 is a helpful application that allows user to organize their collection of the movies. It comes in a user friendly GUI so that every user whether a professional or beginners can use it without any fatigue. Also, if user gets confused, a well-mannered help content enables them to actuate the function. Movie Label 2014 uses moderate amount of system resources.


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