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Windows PC provides enough UI features and widgets to satisfy most needs of users. However, gesture support for mouse is something that is not inherently built into the OS and not all PC are touch enabled for finger based gestures. MouseLaunch is a no frills utility software which enables unique and custom mouse gesture and associated actions with it.


MouseLaunch is activated by pressing down both the mouse buttons at once to bring up the customization menu. The user interface is divided into three sections – left, center and right. Each pane can be accessed from the center of the panel itself. Each pane has 8 items – 3 in top and bottom rows and two in middle rows at either side which are placeholders for various options. The placeholders can be configured with files, hyperlinks to websites, programs and even favorites items from IE. The placeholders can be activated with a left click and customized with a right click. Drag and drop support enables users to drag program shortcuts from taskbar and start menu onto the placeholders as well as URLs from the URL bar or favorites from IE windows. Drag and drop also supports dragging files from Windows Explorer to create shortcuts which can be accessed via mouse gestures. The panels also support shift key combination to enable launching or multiple files or programs from the placeholders. There is also provision for special panels such as email and clipboard – which allows the user to quickly send mails or copy/paste clipboard contents at will. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 2003/2008 Server editions. Note that the free edition only supports single panel at the center, with no left or right panel support. The software runs in the background without consuming significant resources or processor time.


MouseLaunch is pretty unique when it comes to the features it offers. Comparing it with existing customization tools hence is more suitable. 8Start Launcher is such utility software which allows users to create numerous shortcuts and custom menus within minutes with the ability to remap windows shortcuts as well. Tray Commander is software in similar vein, which allows user to create shortcuts to almost anything and it is accessible from the tray icon in taskbar – which is not as suitable as MouseLaunch. Dash Command is another utility which takes a different route and lets user access programs by their names and even performs actions with full prediction.


MouseLaunch is one of the better software for power users who want easily accessible shortcuts. With 3 panels, 24 shortcuts and Shift combination support, actions and copying texts and firing an email can be done in mere seconds. Further drag and drop support makes the software very easy to customize without fiddling with any arcane settings.


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