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This is one of the finest options for those who are looking for any suitable tool to handle various projects at a time. The MOOS Project Viewer efficiently delivers the various works like having the demo look, printing, or any other concerns regarding the project files at the same time.


  • Informative

MOOS Project Viewer is an efficient and smooth tool that is a top recommendation when you are dealing with the various project files or statistical charts for analysis or similar jobs.

The chart explains regarding the to-do-list of a project and lets the user to witness the initiation and termination days for every step. Through the process, you become able in assigning the desired plan and exact possessions for each state. It means, you can be sure about developing the effectiveness of any product.

  • Customized

The prime display panel of the tool lets the user to witness particular tasks in addition with its time span, history and relevant information regarding its resources. In addition, you can be specific about a particular job through the right click and get a nice detail regarding followings, consumed parts and the finished statistics.

At the left side you can move through the various options like ‘Gantt Chart’, ‘Resource Usage’, ‘Tracking Gantt’, and many others. You can find an option called Task Usage, through which you can get all detail regarding the whole expenditure for each task in addition with the prescribed duration of effort.

  • User-Friendly

Through the process, MOOS Project Viewer becomes an efficient tool for the people involved with projects those love to have the project detail pictured in a lively manner. You can efficiently alter the date format in accordance with your interest through the tool. In addition, the currency units can be set and the effort details in a date wise manner. The View tab lets the user in witnessing Gantt tasks name and code. At the same time, you can have the detail regarding working hours, scheduling details and many others through the MOOS Project Viewer.

  • Best Interface

The General Tab lets the user in accumulating the whole detail of your information in cloud formats. You can go with the cloud options like Google Drive, to be confident about dealing with your entire project at any place.

On a whole, the MOOS Project Viewer is a versatile option for the users those need to take a dig at the Gantt charts, other statistical reports, and tasks for each project. In addition, you can now have the facility to open the MS files from drop box, and fixing issues.


There are similar options like LibrePlan, JX Project, etc. However, MOOS Project Viewer is certainly distinguishable among others.


MOOS Project Viewer is certainly a recommended tool for those needs to perform multiple tasks while dealing with the project file.


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