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If you are looking for something to squeeze your music file, then this is a great option for you. Especially, it is a fantastic application for compression of the digital music. It is fast and efficient for the purpose than any other option.


  • Sleek interface, simple, and fast

The tool lets the compression task done efficiently especially for the WAV files. Through the process, you can find places for your external drives in the system. It involves a great user interface that comprises of a basic window through which you can add files and other stuffs in the list. The method is too simple; you just need to go through the browser and do the task in a pick and place way. The mass transference is supported through the system.

  • Make your file the way you want

The tool provides you with a great level of flexibility for handling. You are having the option of arranging the file mode, like you can go for compression, modification, checking, or others. In addition, the user can set the level as well in the form of general, faster, etc.

The users are having the option of going through the actual size, expanded form, track, and format of specified files. At the same time, you can have the complete detail of taking a dig at the complete size, availability of the free space, present status, and many more.

  • Flexible Configuration

While dealing with the application there appears a menu through which you can set the configuration panel. You are having complete flexibility of dealing with a line up of files, priority options, faster editing, etc. The users have the option of stopping the process upon coming across with any flaw. You can set special notification symbol, or format for completion of the task. In addition, there is the option for arranging output settings as well.

  • Less Resource Consuming and Supportive

It’s really fantastic to see the way the tool consumes a very lower amount of resources despite being a feature rich tool. You can effectively shorten the size of WAV files and at the same time maintain a very good sound quality. The best part of the process is that it lets the user available with complete information guide for the initial users. Additionally, there is very less chances of coming across with any kind of issue through the application.


There are many other tools available in the market in the same category. All these compress the file, but do not really able in maintaining the music quality. On this context, Monkey’s Audio is a terrific option for maintaining the audio quality and doing the job efficiently at the same time.


Monkeys Audio is a fantastic option for compression of WAV files, and is a perfect recommendation for the purpose.


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