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MonitorTest is a tool that allows users to investigate and check the quality of the performance of their computer monitor or the LCD screens. It generates test patterns with respect to variety of colour depths and intensities, making a widely popular software to consider for checking the screen health.


Made by the pass mark software, the features of this application have become so popular since its inception that nearby 35 screens have been designed with the help of this software. The major features include master screen, convergence, contrast, colour scales, fonts, print colour calibration, gamma measurement, persistence, etc. The most effective feature includes the touch screen test that makes it very handy for most of the persons to use and check the monitor/LCD screens. Along with these facilities, there is multi touch screen tests that can add to the greater number of touches made to add to the present dimensions of the app. One of the most informative features that this app produces is the display of monitor and video adapter system information. This helps to facilitate and get an estimation of the communication between the audio and video settings with the monitors that are tested and thus, a zone of interaction. The ability to support video cards makes it more worthwhile at the present moment. The reason for the greater upliftment in this software’s use is greater dependency on the digitalisation process that makes users more dependent on computer screens and the Monitor Testing app just does the job appropriately.


MonitorTest due to an increase in popularity has had some stern competition all around the clock and thus, the push has always been there to be better and stay at the top. The one feature that separates MonitorTest from its counterparts and makes it better is its support for resolutions of wide varieties and the assessment of colour depths of any intensity. Most other screen testing software are not able to find a way to work under rigorous changes in colour depth and the data they provide is thus, hampered and unequivocally false positive. This can lead to serious problems in the near future use of the monitor and create system disorientation. Other commanding feature that has kept MonitorTest via pass mark at the top are scripted testing with various resolutions and at different colour depths. Also, this software has mastered test lengths workout which has been a tough nut to crack by its counterparts.


The developer of this application has done an excellent job for Monitor Testing with Windows platform and has found a global sense of popularity. With its ultra-modern inventive and dimensions, it provides the best techniques to check on a monitor/LCD screen and make it suitable for use.


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